Welcome to SlingShot Trader!

Welcome to SlingShot Trader!


Thanks for joining us here at SlingShot Trader, where we’ll make fast profits trading the news.

Each Wednesday afternoon, we’ll send you our weekly update newsletter. We’ll review the market, discuss upcoming news events and review our trades. As a charter member, you can expect to receive the first weekly update newsletter during the afternoon of Wednesday, Aug. 31.

Each Wednesday evening, at 6 p.m. ET, we’ll hold a live educational training webinar. We’ll review the weekly update newsletter and walk through recent trades. And we’re here to help you learn, so we highly encourage you to submit your questions during these live sessions. You can ask about the market, the news, our methodology, our trades — whatever is on your mind. We enjoy helping you learn, and your queries will help drive the live discussions. We want to be sure we’re addressing your concerns and questions.

Of course, you’ll also receive trade alerts via e-mail throughout the week, whenever we need you to open or close a position. Specific details of each trade will be included in the trade alert e-mail. You can keep track of the SlingShot Trader trades via our Open and Closed Portfolios. You also can sign up to receive text messages about the alerts in addition to the e-mails.

And anytime you have a question for us during the week, you can write to us at johnandwade@slingshot-trader.com. For help with your subscription or this website, please contact Customer Service at service@slingshot-trader.com.

We look forward to helping you make fast profits on the news!



John Jagerson and Wade Hansen
SlingShot Trader