The Fed’s Bullish Gift of Low Interest Rates

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Let’s face it. It has been a rough couple weeks in the SlingShot Trader portfolio. We’ve been on the wrong side of a few earnings announcements – puts on FFIV and MSFT – and we have been on the right side of a few earnings announcements – calls on MCD and NSC – only to see the market decide that stellar earnings just weren’t quite stellar enough.

We want you to know these losses are as disappointing to us as they are to you. We are in this together. But we can also tell you that streaks – both of the winning and losing variety – come and go. We’ve been through it time and time again, and this current streak will soon end. Stay consistent in your money management and position sizing, and we’ll be back up to our high-water mark in no time at all.

Now, on to the analysis…

Fed to Keep Interest Rates Low until Late-2014

How about the bullish bombshell the Fed just dropped on the market today? The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) just announced that the Fed plans to keep interest rates exceptionally low, at least through late 2014. That’s much longer than the FOMC’s original plan of keeping rates lower through mid-2013.

Apparently, the Fed is concerned that after two years of monetary easing, the unemployment rate still hasn’t dropped below 8.5% and the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the United States is still sluggish. Some of the voting members of the FOMC also think the Fed may have to step up with additional forms of monetary easing – can anybody say QE3?

Keep on Twistin’

The Fed also announced that it will continue to move forward with “Operation Twist” to lower longer-term interest rates. Lower longer-term interest rates aren’t great for banks and their profits – banks make more money when the yield curve is steep and they can borrow short-term dollars cheaply and loan out longer-term dollars at a higher rate – but they are great for companies that are looking to make longer-term investments and for individuals who want to buy, or refinance, a home.

Bullish Response on Wall Street

Stocks started to rally on the heels of today’s news, but why? One of the concerns many analysts have had coming into Q1 was whether corporate America was going to be able to continue growing top-line revenue, squeezing more productivity out of their companies and boosting bottom-line profits. Lower interest rates make it easier for companies to do just that. As borrowing costs go down, it’s easier for companies to retool their plant and equipment, invest in new software and technology and fund an expanding work force (we hope).

All of this expected borrowing, retooling and investing boosts analyst expectations of future earnings, which, in turn, boosts investor expectations of future stock prices. After all, we are looking at a market that is trading near historic low P/E rates, and if investors feel corporate growth could start to accelerate again, stock valuations could jump.

The Bottom Line for Next Week

The market has been in a bull run since mid-December. It looked like that run might be jeopardized this week as the major indices hit resistance. However, Wall Street was able to shake off bearish news coming out of Europe yesterday and push stock prices back up off of their lows. With today’s bullish news from the Fed, watch for the bullish run to continue.

This Week’s Events

Here are some of the news events that we may trade in the next week or so. We’ll be discussing some of these in tonight’s webinar.

Jan. 25 – FOMC Announcement
Jan. 26 – Chubb (CB) Earnings announcement
Jan. 26 – Durable Goods Orders
Jan. 26 – Weekly Initial Jobless Claims
Jan. 26 – New Home Sales
Jan. 26 – Leading Indicators
Jan. 27 – Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
Jan. 27 – Consumer Sentiment
Jan. 30 – Personal Income & Outlays
Jan. 31 – S&P Case-Shiller Housing Price Index
Jan. 31 – Chicago PMI
Jan. 31 – Consumer Confidence
Feb. 1 – ADP Employment Report


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Chubb Corporation (CB) See Positions Opened above.

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