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Latest Webinar: September 11, 2019

Topic's Discussed: President Trump postponing the tariff increase on certain Chinese goods, the benefits and drawbacks of lower longer-term interest rates, the S&P 500's "triple-bottom" formation and our thoughts on... Watch It Now ›

John Jagerson
Editor, Strategic Trader

Wade Hansen
Editor, Strategic Trader

Watching Banks for a Hint of the Future

Longer-term interest rate yields started rising last week on Sept. 5 and have continued to move higher. As we have discussed in previous updates, any move in interest rates tends to have an immediate, correlated impact on banking stocks. If interest rates continue to move higher, it could be a good sign for banks in the short term.

When longer-term interest rates rise, banks can lend at higher long-term rates while borrowing at cheaper short-term rates. The difference or margin between the two is called the “yield spread,” and it is where banks derive much of their profits.

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